Friday, February 5, 2010

Angel On Your Shoulder

Angel On Your Shoulder
I'm not very big
In fact I'm quite small
I sit on your shoulder
And I hear when you call.
I go everywhere with you
though you can't see me
I am with you always
Even in your dreams.
I share your laughter
Dry your tears when you cry
And every day I'm so proud
'Cause I see how hard you try.
I don't have a name
and I'll never grow old
But, for as long as you live
I'll be your Angel on your shoulder

I know we have gardian angles from the time we are born, and I believe they never leave us not matter where we go orthe circumstaces of life.

When my son did everything he could to prove me wrong, time and time again, Jesus proved the Word to be true.


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